Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24 (Fully Funded) Germany


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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation announced Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24 to International Students, who have excellent educational backgrounds. The Humboldt Research fellowship provides great opportunity for students to conduct research work at various stages of their careers in Germany’s top-notch research infrastructure. This Fellowship gives liberty to the students to select the host institution of their choice in Germany.

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation gives fellowship opportunities to a huge amount of researchers to come to Germany free of cost every year. It is the most prestigious program in Germany that has provided the most talented individuals, having extraordinary search work contributions to the world.


 Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24 (Fully Funded) Germany

Host Country



Alexander von Humboldt

Course Level

Post Doctorate

Program Duration

6 to 24 months


March, July, November


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Benefits of Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24:

·      Monthly fellowship of 2670 euros will be granted to researchers and 3170 euros to more experienced individuals.

·      Family allowance will be given for accompanying family members.

·      Personal development support during the sponsorship program.

·      Health allowance and travel subsidies will be granted during the sponsorship.

·      A comprehensive alumni sponsorship including return fellowship and extension of stay in Germany.

·      Extensive German language fellowship for fellows and their spouses.

·      Freedom in determining the start date of scholarship by the fellow.



 Eligibility for Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24:

Individuals considered for the fellowship must meet the following criteria must

  • It has not been more than 4 years since the individual completed his doctorate or comparable academic degree (Ph.D., C.s.c).
  • Academic work must be published and reviewed according to international standards.
  • The candidates must be proficient in the English language, and an understanding of the German language would be advantageous.
  •  German citizens can apply for this fellowship if the individual is not a resident of Germany for more than the last 10 years or permanently settled abroad.
  • The candidate should not be in Germany for the last 6 months from a total of 18 months prior to the submission of the application.
  • The individuals must receive a confirmation letter regarding (research facilities) from the host institution in Germany.
  • Candidate already receiving funds from the Humboldt Foundation is not eligible for this research fellowship.
  • It is assumed that candidates will follow the Code of Good Scientific Practice and the legally-binding principles of scientific ethics at all times during their application and sponsorship process.

How to apply for Humboldt Research Fellowship 2023-24:

  • The candidates must click the link below to apply online.
  • The application form should accompany the following documents.
    • CV (max 2 pages).
    • Research project details (max 5 pages).
    • Complete publications list.
    • Key publications list.
    • Key publications.
    • Doctoral certificate or proof.
    • German language certificates, if applicable.
    • Confirmation of research facilities and host’s statement.
    • If required: receipt of acknowledgments/declarations of acceptance from the publishers and summaries/translations to the key publications.

Application Processing Time:

The application processing may take four to eight months, which can be prolonged if the application is incomplete or incorrect. Once the selection process is complete the candidate can start the scholarship between two to twelve months,




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